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      My name is Elisha, Owner of Makeup by Elisha beauty co. I'm an experienced mobile airbrushing makeup artist. I studied at Sheridan College, enhanced my skills, and widened my knowledge in the field over the past decade and a half. I also offer a wonderful team of talented ladies to do your Makeup, Hair, and Spray Tans.

      My unique style enhances the au-natural Brides with Timeless and Radiant makeup looks. I truly believe in glowing healthy skin, and that less is more. And yes it will last all day and night! Just read our reviews!


      Over the years I have been featured on several blogs, bridal sites, print and television. Some of these include:, Elegant Weddings, Aisle Do weddings and events, Glamour and Grace, and Wedding Chicks. I have also had the privilege of creating and working with some amazing vendors in the wedding industry over and over again. 


      I look forward to speaking with you about your special day! From Niagara to Hamilton, Kw to the GTA, I am confident that we can create your perfect look, for whatever the occasion might be!

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Copy of Makeup by Elisha beauty co..png

Our Style

Fresh | Radiant | Timeless | Natural | Glowy

Get to know me a lil more!!

I'm more then just a makeup artist... and the BLUE HAIR

Fave Movie 
   Jurassic Park, Labyrinth, The Goonies 

Coffee Order  | 
   Nonfat Iced Caramel Macchiato Blonde Espresso

Fave Destinations
   Thailand, Alberta and BC, and Las Vegas

Sweet  or  Salty

Converse  or  Vans

In my spare time you can find me  |
   - Listening to some good vinyl
   - Playing Baseball
   - At a concert
   - Backcountry camping
   - Planning out next adventure ... we always got one on the go

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