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We are a highly skilled inclusive Luxury Mobile Beauty Team with over 15+ years of experience. Specializing in Natural, Radiant, Timeless and Romantic hair and makeup looks that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful all day long.

You can relax knowing that on your Wedding Day, you and your Loved Ones are going to be pampered on-site, and we can guarantee some great hype girls and some good laughs to help with the morning jitters

2023 - 2024 Pricing Menu



under 4 ppl


A la Carte

Makeup  $300 + Hst

Includes Airbrush or Traditional Foundation and Lashes

Hair  |  $300 + Hst

All Styles and Accessory/Veil Placement


Makeup/Hair with Trials  |  $700 + Hst

Makeup and Hair NO Trials  |  $500 + Hst

Makeup OR Hair with Trial  |  $450 + Hst

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4ppl +


A la Carte

Makeup  |  $185 + Hst

Includes Lashes and Airbrush or Traditional Foundation

Hair  |  $185 + Hst

All Styles and Accessory/Veil Placement


Makeup and Hair with Trials  $550 + Hst

(over $100 in savings)

Makeup and Hair NO Trials  |  $330 + Hst

Makeup OR Hair with Trial  |  $300 + Hst

Loved ones

Loved Ones

Makeup and Hair  |  $260 + Hst

Makeup  |  $150 + Hst

Includes Lashes and Airbrush or Traditional Foundation

Hair  |  $140 + Hst

All Styles


8yrs - 13yrs old

Makeup and Hair  |  $170 + Hst

Makeup or Hair  |  $95 + Hst

Flower Girl

Hair  |  $40 + Hst

(no hot tools)

Makeup  |  Free

incl. blush, shimmer, highlight, gloss

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Add Ons / Extras

Early Start  |  $50 + Hst per hour

starting times before 8:00am

Holiday Fee / Long Weekend  |  $100 + Hst per artist

Hair Extension Placement  |  $35 + Hst

Touch-up Services  |  $100 + Hst

per hour / per artist

Additional Artist  |  $100 + Hst per artist

Travel fees

Burlington Free

$.80/per km + Hst


$200+ per night + Hst




Parking / Meter costs


*All travel rates are based on a $.80/per kilometer cost from

Makeup by Elisha beauty co. Home Studio

to the get ready location and back, per artist.

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Spray Tan

Get Glowing

Have a beautiful & healthy looking GLOW on your wedding day! All spray tans are customizable for all skin types. Whether you have a fair or deep complexion, pink, violet or olive undertones, we'll make you feel your best!

When booking your Bridal Glow we'll want to book it 2-3 days before your Wedding to ensure that you have the perfect colour. Our solutions are 100% customized per client to give everyone the perfect personalized sun-kissed Glow.

Wedding Packages

Wedding Day and Trial  |  $100 + HST

Includes regular solution and can be washed off in 12-24 hours

A La Carte  |  $60 + HST per person

4+ ppl Party  |  $55 + HST Each

Rapid Tan Solution  |  $10 + HST Extra

Can be washed off in 2-5 hours


In Home Studio  |  Included

On Location  |  $1 + HST per KM from Home Studio in Burlington

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Why should I get a Trial?

Trials are the PERFECT way to see if what you envisioned, will become your reality. They are a great way to try out the look all together and make sure you are completely happy. Its also a perfect time to get to know one another so you are the most COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT on your Big day!

Can I bring someone with me to my trial apt?

Yes, we do respectfully ask that you only bring 1 guest.

Can I book a trial before securing my wedding day?

No, due to high demand for wedding dates trials are exclusively for brides who have secured a booking only. 

What if I don't meet the min amount of services for a booking?

If you don't have the min amount of services, the Brides pricing will be upgraded to the "Bride" pricing. 

What if my location or timing for the wedding day changes?

We can certainly adjust the location of the getting ready location. However travel fees may need to be adjusted. 

What if I don't know the # of people/services for the wedding day?

If there are people undecided, please leave them out of the headcount as services cannot be reduced after booking. However do give me the number of unsure so I can make a mock up of the timeline if you were to add them.

What does the timeline look like for my wedding day?

Give or take;

Show up and set up - 15 mins

Bride - 1hr per service 

Loved ones - 50 mins per service

Final Touches - 10 mins per person

Tear down - 15 mins 


This included sanitization and reset time between all clients. A timeline will be provided along with your contract, small adjustments can always be made to the timeline (if time allows).

Are lashes included?

Yes, lashes are provided for every paying Bride and Loved one

What products do you use?

Every artist uses a variety of products in their kits. Here's a few favorites;

          - Charlotte Tilbury

          - Danessa Myricks 

          - Dior 

          - Mac 

          - Nars

          - Makeup by Mario

          - Temptu for airbrush

          - Etc, etc, etc.

Booking Policies

HST added to all bookings

E-Transfer is the only form of payment, however cash tips on the day of the event is encouraged.

To secure date, a contract and non-refundable non-transferable retainer is required

No dates will be held until the retainer and contract have been received

All retainers are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason

Trials will be held in our Burlington Home Studio, unless otherwise agreed upon

Booking min of 4 services per Artist for peak season

Once services are confirmed they can not be removed, we can add on additional services if time allows

All Prices are subject to change at anytime without a confirmed booking, only pricing with a signed contract are guaranteed

Not all artist provide airbrushing

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What's Next?

Fill out my contact form

Request a quote

Sign Contract + Send Non-Refundable Non-Transferable Retainer

See you at the Trial and Wedding!

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